Residual and Passive Income
Because working for life is overated.

What is it that we all want? To make a heaping pile of cash-money all without leaving our house right!

I was reading an article over at about the top 5 ways to make money using the internet. Now I have been (trying) making money online for almost 1 & 1/2 years. This article has no money figures to throw out there, but we can be the judges in the long run here.

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The bacons back on the grill baby!

After a short hiatus due to ‘real life’, my experiments in passive and residual income will continue.

I am going to re-vamp the the about section to re-align the goals of this website. Also look soon for a quarterly review.

I am currently working on a new article that should be out later today.


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Hello friends of the residual income world. As some of you may know I am also a freelance designer. I just received a couple of nice jobs building a few websites and designing some logos. I will be updating my Creative Design Love blog while working on these sites. I will also be adding some micro-stock items to my portfolio while designing these websites.

This means that I won’t be able to give this blog the love I intended for a few weeks. :\

I will be back soon.

-Residual Bacon

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January is upon us. Time to take a look back at December of 2009 and see how we did. In these updates I will post all Passive Income earned, as well as review what I did to help my passive income grow for the month.

Residual Income Earnings : Dec 2009

  • earnings : $8.00
  • Adsense Web Traffic Earnings : $5.62
  • eHow Article earnings : $0.44
  • Total Earnings for DEC : $14.06

So this is good. I know its not hundreds of dollars, but it is a start. I am still learning and after a year of following my goals I am hoping we will be well into the hundreds each month.

Looking at the Past

My blog has only been rolling for about a month now and those of you who know me I have been making residual income for a little over a year now. My best month

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In 3 weeks I have accidentally made it to the first page of google search. Of course its only when you search for ‘residual income blog’ or ‘passive income blog’. The first time I searched for ResidualBacon on the list when searching for ‘Residual Income Blog’ I scavenged 20+ pages waiting to see it. Never did. 1 Week later I was on the 8th page. 2 weeks later I was on page 2. Now I sit on the first page, and #2 on the list. Here is a Stupid Simple SEO guide.

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